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About Us


ASHRAAF Islamic Foundation is a faith-based and not-for-profit organization through Islamic and Humanitarian programmes and projects are being reeled out for the benefit of mankind.

 This is to entrenching proper understanding of Islam and making positive impact in the lives of Muslims and non–Muslims alike.

 The Foundation was incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with CAC/II/NO 124231 with a vision of “achieving a Nigerian society where Islam is better understood and impacting positively in the lives of people.”

ASHRAAF also has its Mission statement as “To propagate, project, promote and convey the true concept of Islam to all mankind as well as using Islam as a driver for community development through Islamic education and socioeconomic interventions.”

The Foundation is well-positioned at taking humanitarian services and Islamic evangelism to the nooks and crannies of Nigeria and beyond in a bead to ensuring global peace and development.

The Founder of the ASHRAAF Islamic Foundation, Imam Dr. Sharafudeen AbdulSalam Aliagan, is presently the Zonal Missioner and Chief Imam of NASFAT Mosque, Utako, Abuja. Imam Aliagan recently bagged a Professional Doctorate from the Institute of Commerce Research and Enterprises Development (ICRED). He is Preacher of international repute that is committed at taking humanitarian services and Islamic evangelism to the global communities.

The Foundation has since inception been engaging itself in its lined-up programmes such as annual Ramadan lectures and prayer for the nation, scholarship for primary and secondary schools’ pupils, Dawah, feeding program, provision of needed item to the vulnerable group in the society, visitation to orphanage homes, prisons and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). It has also been offering support services to widows, children and persons with special needs as ordained by Allah in the Holy Qur’an 61:10. “O you who believe! Shall I inform you of a trade that will save you from a painful torment?” Qur’an 61:11 “That you believe in God and His Messenger, and strive in the cause of God with your possessions and yourselves. That is best for you, if you only knew.”

Our Vision

Achieving a Nigerian society where Islam is better understood and impacting positively in the lives of people through socioe-conomic interventions.

Our Mission

To propagate, project, promote and convey the true concept of Islam to all mankind.

Our Goal

Bridging religion’s knowledge gap and improving the living standards of the people.

Thematic Focus Areas

  1. Islamic Dawah
  2. Quality and Integrated Education
  3. Socio-economic Empowerment

 Quran Quote

“And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says indeed, I am of the Muslims”. Quran 41 v 33.


 Hadith Quote

 The Messenger of Allah says: “For Allah to guide right anyone through you is better for you than the world and its content.” Sohih Muslim 2674.

 Programmes and Projects

The specific objectives of the have been devolved into Programmes and Projects towards the realization of the Foundation’s goal. These are subsequently explained.


The Foundation has carefully designed series  of  programmes  and  projects  to achieve its noble aims and objectives in conveying the message of Almighty Allah  (SWT),  His  noble  Prophet  Muhammad  (SAW)  as  well  as  socioeconomic programmes  and  projects  that  can  impact  positively  in  the  lives  of  Muslims and non-Muslims.They are as follow:

  • Rural
  • Urban
  • National
  • Global Da’wah


As  part  of  the  Specific  objectives  in achieving the goal of the Foundation, Ur-ban, Rural, National and Global Da’wah (Evangelism) was designed to invite people, Muslims and non-Muslims, to understand the worship of Allah as expressed in the Qur’an and the sunnah of Muhammad and to inform them about Muhammad and with the power of internet and Social Media we are reaching out up to the global world at the same time.


ASHRAAF Zakat Administration


ASHRAAF  has  taken  into  cognizance the  socioeconomic  imbalances  as  well as  understanding  the  position  of  Zakat as  one  of  the  pillars  of  Islam  which  is an  obligatory  charity  that  has  the  potential  to  ease  the  suffering  of  millions of people. As contained in the mission statement of the organisation, the Foundation  is  using  Islam  as  a  driver  from community to national development and

has been walking the talk of the essence Zakat to achieve in the lives of Muslims and Non- Muslims in reaching out to the needy  with  strong  believe  that  paying zakat  purifies,  increases  and  blesses

the remainder of their wealth as well as affecting positively to ease the condition of the less privileged for the better.

ASHRAAF Islamic TV Programme

Without any doubt, media has a significant positive impact on the Islam if properly utilised, it helps to spread the cause of Allah (SWT), improve the lots of human kinds and helps reduce vices in the society.  ASHRAAF with a very strong conviction that Media has a role to play in today’s Dawah. The organisation has been working  with  the  professionals  in the industry to look into the possibilities of having ASHRAAF TV Channel to further the organisation cause and achieve one  of  its  specific  objectives  in  Islamic evangelism. Meanwhile, for the past four ears,  ASHRAAF  has  consistently  producing  Daily  Ramadan  TV  Programme tagged: Voice of Islam, it is currently on air on AIT for this year Ramadan.


ASHRAAF Islamic Monthly Magazine (Print)

The  fall  and  fall  of  Islamic  print  media was  part  and  parcel  of  a  broader  gap occasioned  in  information  dissemination  even  in  Muslim-majority  societies. Islam and Muslims are at the mercy of

conventional Media owned by non-Muslims where a page or two highest is being dedicated to more 140 million Nigerian Muslims and Islamic religion. It was a time of the decisive passing of an old order of urban notables by which prominent  religious,  economic,  and  military chiefs served as mediators between ruler and ruled

Online Platform

The social media has a significant positive impact on the Islam if properly utilised, it help spread the cause of Allah (SWT and Prophet Muhammed, SAW, improves the lots of human kinds and helps reduce vices in the society. But the loose or free run of the social media is detested by Islam. The Foundation  has  register  her  presence  online and is equally working with Media professionals to put up a befitting online platform that will adequately represent the interest of Muslim and a veritable platform where Muslim and non-Muslim can get quality and credible Islamic news.

Our Objectives

The objectives are to:

  1. Organise religion, educational and charitable activities for the benefit of humanity.
  2. Establish, manage and support Masjids.
  3. Establish, manage and support in Arabic and Islamic centres and schools in order to provide Islamic education, publish Islamic books and maintain a library for the same purposes.
  4. Organize seminars, symposiums, workshops and lectures on religion and other topical issues with the view of projecting Islamic perspectives and scholarships with utmost regard for Ikhtilaf.
  5. Actively participate in and impact on peaceful dialogue and conflicts resolution both local and international.

“And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says indeed, I am of the Muslims”. Quran 41 v 33

Present at the occasion were HRH Emmanuel  Gada,  the  District  Head,  Apo Figba,  Oba  Engr.  Michael  Adeleke,  the  Yoruba Chief of Bwari, Chief M.A Owolabi, Yoruba Chief of Apo and Hajia Chief Mrs.  Iyabo  Animashaun,  APC  Chieftain and former Iyaloja, Oshodi, Lagos.

The outreach was planned in order to put smiles on the faces of these persons and also serve as a reminder that the society still remembers and care for their welfare.

The celebration was to remind them that their place in the society is not forgotten and also make  the  Sallah  a  memorable event registered in their hearts.

It was planned with lots of food and fun activities  for  both  the  children  and  their parent,  along  with  spiritual  admonition from our scholars present. Food items (cooked  and  raw)  such  as Rice, Maggie, Salt, Meat (2 rams), cash token in envelopes were taken along and funfair activities.

On 8th  of  April,  2023   ASHRAAF is again welcomes you all to  the  Annual Ramadan (1444AH) Lecture Series themed: Drug Abuse, Criminality and Insecurity in Nigeria: Towards a Collective Solution  to be delivered by the Executive Chairman of Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Retired Maj. General Buba Marwa and other panelists   together with Annual National Prayer for Unity and Peaceful coexistence of our great country Nigeria as well as Award ceremony for the strong supporters and Pillars of the Foundation.

It is therefore our hope and expectations that justice will be done to this carefully selected topic that offer sustainable solutions to Nigerians National question in line with Islamic perspectives.

We  enjoy  government  to  take advantage of the divine solutions offered freely by the Foundation.

We want to sincerely appreciate you as we prayed  Almighty Allah to appreciate and reward you the more.

Past Events and Activities

  1. On  the  26th  of  January,  2019 ASHRAAF  celebrated  its  First  Maolid Nabiyy  with  a  Public  Lecture  themed: Leadership,  Politics  and  Peace:  The Way of Prophet Muhammad, at National Mosque Auditorium
  1. ASHRAAF  ISLAMIC  FOUNDATION organized  Annual  National  Ramadan (1440AH)  Prayer  themed:  “Peace  and Security for National Development” held on  25th  of  May,  2019  at  the  National Mosque Auditorium, Central Area, Abuja.
  1. ASHRAAF  has  intervened  in  socioeconomic development of more than 50 peoples within the first year of its operations during COVID-19 Global Pandemic Disease.
  1. ASHRAAF partners AL AQSOH Arabic  and  Islamic  School,  Kubwa  to  provide  quality  Arabic  andIslamic  education  at  highly  subsidized  rate  for  close 100 pupils.
  1. ASHRAAF has provided a lite financial  support  to  11  women  to  establishing a petty trade to support their children among many interventions that are yet to be captured.
  1. In 11th of January, 2020, the Foundation also celebrate its Annual Ramadan  Lecture with the theme, Islamic Perspectives on Economic: Options for Nigeria at the National Mosque Auditorium.
  1. The Foundation  Annual  National Prayers/Ramadan Lecture was held on the 1st of May, 2021 with the topic, Islam: The Panacea to National Crisis.
  1. AL-AQSOH  Islamic  School  Kubwa that is being powered and supported by the Foundation presented its 1st Waleemotul-Qur’an (Graduation) at the school premises on the 13th of August, 2021.
  1. Also  on  November,  2021,  ASHRAAF in  collaboration  with  AL-AQSOH  Islamic School Kubwa present Annual Maolid Nabiyy 1443 AH.
  1. On 23 rd of April, 2022 the Foundation held its Annual National Prayers and Ramadan Lecture  with  the  theme,  Economic Sustainability: A Divine Key to National Security.
  1. The  Foundation  was  in  the  spirit  of Salah, humanity, brotherhood and Islamic Fellowship organized a Special Salah Fanfare to identify with the less-privileged particularly, the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and providing economic succor  to  them.  In early hours  of  9th  July, 2022, visits were taken to Venue I: PWD  Colony Karonmajiji at 11:00am and Venue II: IDP Camp, Durumi by 2pm both in Abuja.

Interfaith Discussion Forum

In  showcasing  the  beauty  of  Islam,  the Foundation  has  it  as  one  of  its  specific objectives also to be organising interfaith dialogues and discussions, this owing to an increasingly popular response to religious conflict. ASHRAAF Islamic Foundation has a robust plan to employ a variety of  approaches,  particularly,  the  interfaith dialogue projects to enhance religious tolerance and promote peaceful coexistence in Nigeria, Africa and the global world.


Community Development

Programmes and Projects


Community development improves quality of life and Zakat is an ideal example of it in Islam. Islam guides its followers to help the needy through various services and community development, it also emphasizes  on  service  provision  with  this ASHRAAF has put on itself as an Islamic organisation a responsibility to impact positively  in  alleviating  the  sufferings and improving the lives of people within her whims and caprices.



The Muslim Forum

The Foundation has designed an achievable plan to provide an arena for Muslim groups  and  state  officials  to  discuss  issues in a private sphere played outside of the public eye with a strong hope and

conviction  that  the  space  will  foster  relations  between  the  two  and  build  trust within  the  country  and  amongst,  with  a multiplier effect of stabilising the country for  socioeconomic  growth  and  development.


Capacity Building

ASHRAAF  is  posits  to  organize,  International and National Lecture, Seminar, Conferences and Workshops to involve international Islamic organisation for the promotion of Islam and educating Muslims as well as to build their capacities in leadership,  entrepreneurial,  vocational and skill acquisition programmes.




Deputy Director of Programmes

Abdulrahaman Aliagan

Director of Communication

DR. ADAM ABDULLAHI fdc, fdmss.

Director of Programme,

Kabir Bello

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